Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So tonight we did yet another time trial at derby practice. We have to skate 27 laps around a regulation track within 5 minutes in order to pass our basic skills test.

When I started back up I did 24 1/2 laps in 5 minutes, the first night back after two years off.  A month later I did 27 laps in 5:49 (so roughly the same.)

Tonight, by some miracle, I not only surpassed that number but I outskated all of the other new girls who were there.

I added 4 1/4 laps to my own time, doing 28 3/4 laps in 5 minutes. 

I hugged some teammates after that.

I am so PROUD of myself. I have been working hard at getting my body healthier. During our endurance training tonight I kept saying to myself "How badly do you want this? Don't give up.One more lap. One more lap."

That's before I knew we were doing time trials tonight. 

I started to doubt my ability but I stopped myself. I told myself my body was strong and I could finish. I just needed to shave off 49 seconds. I told myself that even if I shaved off half, I would be proud.

I exceeded my own expectations.

How's THAT for motivation??

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