Monday, October 14, 2013

Commitment Issues?

I am really glad my actual commitment to this health journey is better than my commitment to this blog.
I can't believe we are two weeks into October and this is only my 5th entry. 
As I posted before, I'm really working at making changes that are going to stick.  I'm having some struggles with baking--because I recently discovered that I CAN bake despite what I thought in the past--so I recognize that the holiday season will be a challenge for me in many ways. 
I am still determined to make good choices most of the time. Even on days when I eat a lot of things, I don't eat ALL the things that I would have in the past. I wish that I would have been tracking calories before, when I was eating tons of fast food and processed food. On second thought, I probably don't want to know what those numbers were.
Most days my calories are below 1800.  The most I've logged has been 2200 but those are on roller derby days. I'd like to get that down to 1800 as well.  On those days though I net well under 1600 though so I'm not sure that'd be a great idea.
Activity level has been pretty decent actually. I've gotten a few walks in, plus the roller derby workouts.  I'd like to walk more I'm just getting a little bored going around our neighborhood.  I have to take breaks. I went to a park last week with some friends and we walked a bit. I may head out there tomorrow and walk alone. It's kind of a drive but hey I have to invest in my health.
I think I mentioned before that I received some free products from to review. I've been using this really awesome BB+ cream from Pond's and I've seen an awesome improvement in my skin, especially since I've been spending a lot more time outside and it has SPF in it. My skin was something I was feeling kind of self-conscious about because I really wasn't able to afford products the way I have in the past. I'm glad to see it improving.
I've been needing to spend some time working on my mental health. There is a situation going on with a photographer who hasn't given us some photos we paid for a long time ago. Unfortunately I let this situation get to me and I turn into a person I don't like. The good part of that is the day after I become that person, I take time to unplug and focus on what's really important in my life--my family.  I wish that I could get that message into my head without having to deal with the negativity first, but I am working on it.  We had a wonderful weekend outdoors, hitting up a playground, taking walks, going to the apple orchard and another playground, carving pumpkins, grilling out in our backyard.  It was fabulous.  Even the pumpkins were happy about it:
This one was carved by yours truly. 
I felt completely relaxed and rested after the weekend.  Too bad Baby Bug didn't let us sleep and recover. But I'm heading that way now.
PS--Today marks 3 months since I started this journey! Thanks for supporting me along the way! <3

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