Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Fell Off the Wagon

I haven't been here in almost a month.
I've been neglecting a lot of things in regards to my health. I'm still exercising at derby practice. I'm still trying to use portion control. The convenience foods have made more appearances at our house. It's caused more problems than just health too.
I'm ready to get back to it. Tomorrow I will track my food again and try to avoid fast food.
I need some support and motivation though.
Help me out!


  1. I'm more than willing to help get you back in the game. What kind of help/support/motivation do you need or are you looking for? Help me Help you!!! ;)

  2. Think about me. 47 and I have a 70% blocked coronary artery. I never drank, smoke or took drugs. Never ate beef and rarely ate friend foods. I've been diabetic since 2000. My A1C has not been good for the last few years. That's what causes heart disease. Uncontrolled diabetes.